Gregory W. MacPherson
IT Security Expert, CCNA, CISSP, ITILv3

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Gregory MacPherson is an expert on information technology security. Greg has worked in the industry for thirty-two years. After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Greg alternated working as a full time employee and consulting with various companies. He has written software for mainframes and personal computers, written device drivers and GUIs, designed and implemented countless networks, and started and run several successful small businesses.

Greg has been associated with, and has worked closely with, the computer security community since attending the first HOPE conference in the (now defunct) Pennsylvania Hotel in New York City in 1994.

Currently Greg evangelizes on IT security, protects infrastructures against the "bad guys", implements security solutions, manages security appliances, and identifies and resolves IT threats and vulnerabilities. Occasionally he also conducts training sessions in the public and private sectors.

Greg is the author of numerous articles on computer security and a frequent presenter on computer security related topics.

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E-mail: greg [at] netpublishing [dot] com

Gregory W. MacPherson

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